Kasten News 2012

  1. Create your own catalogue - A new online service for you!


    We are proud to reveal the new functionality called "My Catalogue". This is a service which lets visitors of our websites create their own personal catalogue with the pages of their selection from our websites. The benefit is that our customers would not have to print a full-range catalogue, but focus only on what's relevant for their needs. The...

  2. PaC-Light control update package to upgrade your old Paternoster


    PaC-Light control update package is developed for updating old Vertical Carousel control systems. It is especially developed for updating machines from the Constructor Group, but can be installed on other manufacturer's vertical carousels also.   Many Paternosters delivered in the past decades are still mechanically in a good shape, but the...

  3. The future of storage


    Constructor is proud to introduce the new Compactus ® Dynamic and Compactus ® Dynamic Pro mobile storage systems. These electric driven systems bring even more functionality and comfort than the existing electric driven systems. Expensive? No! Years of experience and advanced technological developments ensure not only the best in functionality b...