Analysis - Constructor Storage


  • Analysis - Constructor Storage


In addition to providing more general advice and guidance to our customers on their storage requirements, Constructor Finland can go further in providing practical assistance to our customers through a more detailed analysis of their storage requirements. We can translate the needs for storage from the articles required to be stored into a detailed specification of the storage equipment that would be required and the best layout to meet space, access and picking requirements.

Further to the basic analysis that Constructor can provide we can also utilise our in house warehouse simulation tool C-WIS. This state of the art software allows us to produce a simulation of any warehouse or storage facility. From this model we can evaluate all aspects of the warehouse operation including;
•    The storage equipment and layout
•    Material storage locations
•    The optimal material handling processes
•    Inventory levels to achieve required service levels.
•    Purchasing and replenishment strategies

This C-WIS tool works using real customer data and can be run as a one off analysis to determine the optimum layout or process flow whilst designing a new warehouse facility. It also can be installed and used as part of a continuous improvement plan of warehouse efficiency and optimal inventory management.