Timber Locker


Timber Locker

Timber storage or systems for storing of timber is not a specific product group but more to be regarded as a conglomerate of different storage systems supplied with special details and solutions in order to work as an effective storing and handling of timber products.

Within timber storage you can find everything from heavy bulky gods like batches of timber to chipboard and moldings. Every product area demands its own storage solution. This large variation explain the different storage solutions within timber storage.


Timber Locker

Kasten's concept of Rack for wood is based on our standard products supplied with special accessories in order to meet unique storage demands.

Lockers for timber are equipped with rollers. These rollers make it possible to load bundles of timber in to the racking. Loading is possible to be done with special jig or with fork lift trucks. The racking can be equipped with mezzanine in front of racking. This mezzanine makes it easy to handle the most highest storage positions. The whole racking can be covered with mezzanine also.


Timber Locker

Bundle sizes

• whole bundle: width 1100mm x heigth 1100mm x length 2700-5400mm

• half bundle: width 1100mm x height 600mm x length 2700-5400mm

• max. weight when 4 rollers used 3000kg/bundle