Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving offers many advantages and offer an extra 100 % of storage capacity.

Whether your archive is in the basement, on the top floor, or in a distant warehouse, with our mobile shelving systems you will discover that space efficiency and accessibility go hand in hand. Besides 100% more storage capacity the mobile shelving is easy to use, guarantee high safety standards and protection of goods.

  • Kasten Mobile Shelving

    Kasten Mobile Shelving

    Where efficient use of space is concerned, mobile storage solutions offer many advantages. Only one, single aisle is needed, enabling 70% more storage capacity than static shelving.

  • Compactus Original XTR

    Compactus Original XTR

    With Compactus® Original XTR we will develop the perfect solution for your particular filing and storage situation, taking into account your specific needs and wishes.

  • Compactus Dynamic XTR

    Compactus Dynamic XTR

    The simplicity of the electronic control that powers this electric mobile storage system means that convenience comes at a price, competitive with hand-crank operated systems.

  • Compactus Dynamic Pro XTR

    Compactus Dynamic Pro XTR

    The intelligent electronic control of Compactus® Dynamic Pro XTR mobile shelving brings optimum ease of use, the best in safety, the protection of goods or files and confidential, secure storage.

  • Compactus Double Decker XTR

    Compactus Double Decker XTR

    Ultimate efficiency in use of space is offered by the convenient Compactus® Double Decker XTR. It provides the best space efficiency for higher rooms.

  • Upgrade to Dynamic (Pro)

    Upgrade to Dynamic (Pro)

    Upgrading to an Compactus® Dynamic or Dynamic Pro from Bruynzeel, brings the convenience of electronic control to your working environment.