Museum Systems

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Our museum systems will meet the specific storage requirements of your collection, users, and the dynamics of the environment.

The key issue when designing a museum repository is to preserve your irreplaceable collection. 

ArteStore museum range helps preserves and store your valuable pictures, paintings and irreplaceable collections while still ensuring accessibilty at all times.

  • Pull Out Painting Frames

    Pull Out Painting Frames

    A major advantage of pull-out painting frames is that the paintings are easily accessible, while efficient use is made of the available space.

  • Mobile Painting Frames

    Mobile Painting Frames

    Mobile painting frames from Bruynzeel, also known as Compactus® ArteStore painting frames,make optimal use of the available space by using only a single aisle.

  • Static Painting Frames

    Static Painting Frames

    Static painting frames are available in different sizes, so that they will flushly fit into the available repository space.

  • Cabinets


    Should your collection be stored safe and protected against dust? Storage in cabinets from Constructor is the solution.

  • Shelving


    Our shelving systems are excellent examples of versatile storage solutions. These systems are available in various sizes.

  • Racking


    Depending on the shape and weight of the objects to be stored, we can offer the safest possible storage solution for these objects.

  • Mobile Shelving & Racking

    Mobile Shelving & Racking

    Mobile shelving and racking solutions from Bruynzeel make optimal use of the available space by using only a single aisle.