Should your collection be stored safe and protected against dust? Storage in cabinets from Constructor is the solution.

Show cases: display your collection

Lockable show cases provide safe and dust free storage, while clearly displaying the collection. Ideal for good collection management and attractive to look at too.

Drawer cabinets: flat storage

Should your collection be stored lying flat? Should it not only be protected against dust, but also against light? If this is the case, it is best stored in drawers. Drawers are available in a huge range of dimensions. Drawers may be pulled out completely, allowing safe arrangement of contents.

Customised cabinets for storage of prints

Cabinets for storage of prints have shelves that can be completely slit in and out. They are ideal for individual storage of prints and pastels. A major advantage of this system is that the prints can be transported on the actual shelves. Print cabinets can be closed using sliding doors.

Customised cabinets for a variety of objects

Customised cabinets also include cabinets with water-tight drawers and cabinets with caskets. 



Drawer cabinets

For preserved storage of fragile objects, which need to be protected against dust and light.

  • Drawer cabinets are available in different dimensions, also accommodating flat storage of large objects such as flags.
  • Multi-purpose drawers can be integrated in Sysco® shelving and  Compact shelving. In one shelving system drawers can be fitted in variable heights and/ or combined with other accessories and shelves. 
  • Multi-purpose drawers can be supplied with a blocking system. 

Show cases

For preserved storage of valuable and sensitive objects, which need to be protected against dust.

  • Available in variable dimensions.
  • Available with swing doors and sliding doors.
  • Show cases are supplied with a locking system.





Drawer cabinets

  • Standard dimensions: Din A0, A1, A2.
  • Depths: up to 1650 mm.
  • Length: up to 2000 mm.
  • Load capacity: up to 200 kg.

Multi-purpose drawers

Models: K05, K06, K07:

  • Depths possible from: 300 – 900 mm.
  • Lengths: 800 – 1250mm.
  • Height: 100 – 300 mm.
  • Loadcapacity up to 60 kg.

Multi-purpose drawers

Models: K09, K10:

Models: K12, K13 with block in grip edge:

  • Depths: 300 - 500 mm, 540 – 900 mm.
  • Length: 800 -1250 mm.
  • Height: 55-100 mm.
  • Load capacity: 25 kg.

Show cases

  • Depths: up to 800 mm.
  • Length: 1250 mm.