Rack for tyres


Rack for tyres

Constructor rack for tyres is suitable for storage of nearly all car and van tyres. Due to the modular design of  the tyre rack the storage space can be fully utilized.


Rack for tyres

Constructor tyre racking is made up of pallet racking frames, tube beams and arms. It can be assembled one- or two-sided.

The racking consists of starter bays and extension bays.  Three sets of tyres per level fits in a bay. The standard section length is 2300 mm. Maximum levels per section is six. Standard free spacing is 957 mm, it can be easily adjusted in 50 mm increasement.


Rack for tyres

Section length:Rengashylly

- Starter bay 2480 mm

- Extension bay 2390 mm

Racking depth:

- One-sided 710 mm

- Two-sided 1360 mm

- (frame depth 600 mm)

Section heights:

  • 3300 mm: 3 levels 9 sets of tyres
  • 4300 mm: 4 levels 12 sets of tyres
  • 5300 mm: 5 levels 15 sets of tyres
  • 6300 mm: 6 levels 18 sets of tyres

Loading capasity:Rengashyllyn_kuormitustarra

- Loading capasity/level 3x100 kg