Shelving Systems

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These Shelving Systems are ideal for the storage of documents and various other small objects.

The addition of sliding doors can protect your system’s content by enclosing the contents. The unique coating process guarantees 100% coverage of steel for a perfect finish. 

The shelving system can be made mobile at a later stage, if additional storage space is needed.

  • Kasten Combi shelving

    Kasten Combi shelving

    COMBI-shelving is modular shelving systems with multiple depths and heights. It can be flexibly adjusted to changing needs. Combi is used as a shelving system on Kasten-mobile and Vario-mobile.

  • Sysco® Shelving

    Sysco® Shelving

    This steel shelving system has multiple depths and heights. Sysco shelving is suitable for single installation along a wall and can be applied as double sided shelving placed in the room.