Carton flow


Carton flow

Carton flow is a vital part in supply chain of components at assembly lines and conveyer belt lines. A picking station is constructed of a rack supplied with leaning wheel tracks for transport of components to the assembly station. Wheel tracks are also used in warehouses as a part of the logistic process. Loading on one side and unloading on the opposite according the FIFO principals (First in first out).

Carton flow are built either as stationary units or supplied with lockable wheels for a fast and simple move at changes in lay out at the assembly line or warehouse. Loading and unloading are separated and picking is realized without interruptions.

The racks are adjustable and designed from an ergonomic point of view in order to get an as ergonomic handling as possible for the workers. Storing in Carton flow systems has large economic advantages due to the fact that cartons are stored with a high packing density which release floor space compared with traditional storing. 


Carton flow

The Carton flow system could be build as “stand alone” units, free standing, with or without wheels or integrated in pallet racking. However mutual for all constellations are the option to adjust shelves and wheel tracks to fit various demands. The width of the tracks can be adjusted in steps of 11,5 mm. The wheel tracks are supplied with guiding rails in order to simply loading. Dividers steer the gods in a straight lane in order to avoid damages.

The wheel tracks are manufactured of galvanized steel profiles and the rollers are made of high quality polyether. The modular system in combination with simple and fast installation make rebuilding at lay-out changes utmost user friendly. This is also the base to the versatile of the carton flow system. The number of levels in the racking can be adapted depending on methods of handling, manual or forklift handling of gods and cartons. The number of pickis per time unit are limitless.