Medical & Health Care


Medical & Health Care

Hospital stores are often limited in volume and floor space and must because of this fact be designed in order to optimize storage capacity in a small, limited area store a large volume of health care articles. At the same time there is a demand for high accessibility. Compact storing in combination with stationary shelving systems is proven to solve the storage demands in an optimal way. Compactus® hospital storing can meet up with these demands and store everything from medicine and drugs to bandage items and journals. Medicine and drug storage can be designed with an inbuilt security system in order to meet demand for secrecy.

Compact storing is designed for archives and stores with limited floor space. Due to the fact that the shelving units are mounted on movable mobile chassis the shelving’s can be built in direct connection to each other. There is demand for only one opening, giving full access to all shelves of the system. The mobiles are moved manually or by electrical steering. The compact system almost double the storage capacity compared with traditional, stationary storage systems. The comprehensive range of accessories make the Constructor hospital health and care storing able to meet the most varied storage demands. Sterile stores, stores for linen, stores for medicine and drugs. Hanging and standing archive and journal storing. 


Medical & Health Care

The Constructor hospital and store fittings are available as traditional stationary storage systems or as compact storage, Compactus®.  The most important part is the comprehensive range of accessories adapted to the large variety of storage demands in a hospital store. It gives surveyability and systematizing. The hospital storage systems are available as sterile stores, stores for X-ray files, stores for linen and stores for medicine and drugs to mention a few examples. Demand for ergonomically adaption is fulfilled by different extendable drawers available adjustable in different opening angles and possible to divide individually. Journal- and archive storage is available standing or hanging in special designed hanging frames where the storage units can be locked and supplied with access coding.  Hospital storage is a niche area demanding high quality products and experience.   


Medical & Health Care

The foundation of Constructor program for hospital storing is the Sysco shelving system build in a traditional way or as compact storing. The shelving units can be designed either with locked- or open frames.

-          Height: max 3000 mm

-          Width: 800-1250 mm

-          Depth: 200-450 mm

-          Loading capacity /shelf: 100 kg equally spread load

At a compact store installation the shelving units are mounted on mobiles and those are running on pre-mounted guiding rails either built in the floor or mounted on the floor. The Compactus® compact storage double the storage capacity. The system can be built up to 15000  mm I depth and have a load capacity of max 40 tons. The Compactus® control system is manual hand driven or electrical controlled.

The program of accessories is considerable:

-          Extendable shelves

-           Extendable drawers of different size

-          Comprehensive program of fittings and dividers for drawers

-          Lockable doors

-          Integrated unloading and work tables

-          Journal storing units

-          Long gods handling

Lock- and access systems