Warehouse Management Systems


Warehouse Management Systems

The versatile Kasten TCPlus- warehouse management system can be used to focus on managing storage locations and make the warehouse processes more effective. TCPlus prvides a wide range of control for the entire warehouse.

TCPlus warehouse management program is flexible and very easy to use. Creation of a warehouse is simple and expeditious. It can be used to control all basic warehouse functions such as shelving, order picking, inventory, internal transfers, and check the contents of the storage location and prevent the use of a specific storage location.

TCPlus warehouse management system can be used in a wide range of different storage areas and warehouses, as well as a buffer, transit and cross-docking storage areas, and storage machines. TCPlus system clarifies the maintenance of inventory, improves efficiency and reduces errors. The picking from shelving and racking will be done with handheld devices.


Warehouse Management Systems

Kasten TCPlus warehouse management system is designed for the Windows environment. It offers ease of use, user-friendliness and flexibility.

- Multiple orders tracking tools
- Versatile warehouse tracking and administration tools
- Easy handling of items identified with tags throughout the storage process
- Label printing functions to help processes
- Internal item level tagging: picking labels, storage location labels, delivery address labels
- Deliveries to transit area, from where continued handling to customer deliveries, to storage locations or to direct delivery area using a unique identification
- Fast and easy to use program to create an internal tool storage systems (storage maps and addresses)
- MS SQL database and Terminal Server –environment for workstations and handheld terminals
- Easy connectivity to all production control systems (xml and text files)