ME250 mezzanines - Floor Structures


ME250 mezzanines - Floor Structures

Constructor ME250 mezzanine flooring allows for a cost efficient creation of extra floor space in existing buildings. Beautiful in simplicity the uprights and beams of the light structured ME250 can build up to be some of the largest heavy duty floors.

With a standard load up to 1000 kg/m2 and a span up to 10 meters, the ME250 is multifunctional for almost all users.Completed with a high quality stairway, strong railing and 3 different kinds of pallet gates a ME250 floor can be an economical solution when compared to concrete construction. A Constructor Mezzanine floor is also totally demountable and reusable.

Constructor ME250 mezzanine floor is:

  • A more economical solution than concrete
  • Easy to build
  • Demountable and reusable 
  • Easy to erect in existing buildings
  • Light transparent (with steel grid floors)
  • Free standing (No additional loads on building columns) 
  • Minimal additional pressure on the foundation floor


ME250 mezzanines - Floor Structures



Employees must be able to work in a safe environment. An important aspect is a solid railing surrounding any raised floor,in accordance with the safety and inspection rules.

• A railing is solidly attached to the floor.
• A railing consists of a kickrail around the floor, knee bar and handrails.
• A railing has no unprotected openings.

Mezzanine floor railings from Dexion not only meets all these points, but are also ergonomically shaped, without sharp points or edges. All the corners are rounded, the handrail provides a firm grip and the whole is finished with a strong resiliant to scratches powder coating.


The stairs are fully compatable with the railing, they have a handrail on both sides creating a very stable stairway. There is a full choice in widths, angles and steps.

Pallet gates

The swing gate provides robust protection. Because the swing gate shuts automatically through a concealed suspension system, it is always securely closed. From below the forklift driver gently pushes the pallet through the swing gate. When the pallet is removed, the gate shuts automatically behind the pallet.

A tilting pallet gate gives the best protection. Either open or closed, it’s permanently secure.

Goods elevator

Instead of or in combination with a pallet gate, it can be very efficient to transport your goods by an elevator. The elevators are surrounded by a safetymesh wall, are callable from each floor and have various safety features, options and possibilities. Elevators comes in a choice of weight class and sizes.

Floor Parts

ME250 mezzanines - Floor Structures

How to choose the right flooring

With a mezzanine floor, HI280 shelf floor or P90 pallet racking floor there are several options when it comes to choosing the type of floor.

Light output, any fire requirements and whether or not to use pallet trolleys on the floors are of importance.

Chipboard flooring (thickness 38 mm.)

Affordable and reliable standard solution. Optionally provided with a white finish for optimal light reflection. The top surface is either standard chipboard or can be finished with an anti slip layer or decoration.

Steel grid floors

Steel grid floors have the advantage of natural light from daylight that radiates through the floorslayers.
The fire brigade can also demand such a solution in association with smoke flues and sprinklers.
Steel grid floors are very strong, long lasting and can be used in combination with pallet trolleys (fine gritted steel).