Regionarkivet, Sweden

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Regionarkivet, Sweden - Kasten Archive Mobile Shelving

Riksarkivet, is the Governments administration for archive matters as well as authority for all provincial record offices. In fact "here rests the history of Sweden". It all goes back to year 161 8, when the law regulating "archiving of official documents" was introduced. Riksarkivet store and organize all official documents of our age and for future security and research. Constructor have had the advantage to be a partner to Riksarkivet in this great responsibility process all since 1968. The number of documents increase like an avalanche with around 30.000 linear meter annually.


1968 the first Compactus installation was delivered and installed at Riksarkivet deeply hidden  in the bed-rock under the lake of Mälaren. The installation consisting of 80.000 linear meters was planned for many years demand of storing. Today Riksarkivet has many satellite archives around Stockholm in order to solve the fast increasing demand for effective long term archiving. All with different applications of Compactus@ solutions including accessories
for special demands.