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  • Reference Centre for Bas-Rhin Departmental archives France - Constructor Storage

    Centre for Bas-Rhin, France

    Bas-Rhin Regional Council has constructed a new and innovative building to store the departmental archives. The new archive had to contribute to a friendly working environment.

  • Reference Landsarkivet Vadstena Sweden - Constructor Storage

    Landsarkivet Vadstena, Sweden

    The Castle of Vadstena was built in 1545 by King Gustav Vasa as a defense castle in order to keep the Danes out of Sweden. The provincial record office was established 1899 in order to “take over” all stored documents from churches and the local governments in the counties of...

  • Barneville Carteret France reference archive shelving - Constructor Storage

    Barneville Carteret, France

    The aim of Barneville-Carteret Community of Communes was to optimise the organization of its archive room.