References - Hictoric Collections

  • Riksarkivet, Sweden

    Riksarkivet, Sweden

    Riksarkivet, is the Swedish governments administration for archive matters as well as authority for all provincial record offices. In fact "here rests the history of Sweden". It all goes back to year 161 8, when the law regulating "archiving of official documents" was introduced.

  • Nomeco, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Nomeco, Copenhagen, Denmark

    One of Nomeco’s competence areas deals with storage and handling of medicaments for clinical trials. Here are quite a few requirements to fulfill for the storage of their goods.

  • LEO Pharma, Denmark

    LEO Pharma, Denmark

    LEO Pharma is a leading global pharmacy company specializing in dermatology and critical care. For more than a century, their products have improved the quality of millions of people's lives around the world.

  • Landsarkivet Vadstena, Sweden

    Landsarkivet Vadstena, Sweden

    The Castle of Vadstena was built in 1545 by King Gustav Vasa as a defense castle in order to keep the Danes out of Sweden. The provincial record office was established 1899 in order to “take over” all stored documents from churches and the local governments in the counties of...

  • Irish Architectural Archive, Ireland

    Irish Architectural Archive, Ireland

    Storage Systems Ltd has completed a large mobile shelving installation for 2 climate controlled archive stores in the Irish Architectural Archive.

  • Historical Centre Overijssel, The Netherlands

    Historical Centre Overijssel, The Netherlands

    The Historical Centre Overijssel wished to improve accessibility of her collection to a wider public. They started the construction of new housing. At the same time the depositories would be refurbished.