Vitterhetsakademins Library, Sweden

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Vitterhetsakademins Library, Sweden

Vitterhetsakademins library - The Swedish Central Board of National Antiquities

Beautifully located at Östermalm in Stockholm. The building where the library of academy of literature is located was the former stable of the Kings life guard at horse. The oldest kept establishment of barracks has now turned into a modern library and archive.However, lots of small and unique details has been kept and remind the visitors of the passed. Riksantikvarieämbetet is the government authority being responsible for everything related to the Swedish cultural heritage. For procuring knowledge about our history and culture by keeping archive and library open for research and for the general public.
Constructor has worked out a solution for keeping all the different sizes of documents up to AO.

Compact storage for optimizing available space. Compactus@ Archive chosen for security and quality equipped with shelves for storing pictures and odd-size documents. The length of the mobiles are up to 14 m. The 5 underground archives consist of totally 136 mobiles. The total numbers of shelves are more than 20.000 of different dimensions.

The determining factors for investing in Compactus@ was the reliability and simplicity in redesigning lay out when there is a demand for changes. Quality and know-how were otherarguments of great importance in the long term perspective, says Eddie Knutsen, project responsible.