References - Vertical Carousell (PATERNOSTER)

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    Berner Oy, Vantaa, Finland

    In 2008 Berner celebrated their 125th year in business. At the same time the company decided to concentrate their storage functions, which were in various locations, to a new central warehouse in Vantaa.

  • Elektroskandia, Finland - Storage Machine Tornado & Paternoster - Constructor

    Elektroskandia, Finland

    Computer controlled storage and transfer systems have significantly improved the efficiency of product storage and picking.

  • Koiviston Auto Oy, Lahti - Paternoster & Tornado - Constructor

    Koiviston Auto Oy, Finland

    For a new central warehouse, Koiviston Auto installed four new Paternosters and transferred five older units to sit with a Tornado machine.

  • Local Government Headquarter, Poland - Storage Machine Paternoster - Constructor

    Local Government Headguarter, Poland

    The Bielany office was preparing to move all departments into one building, so management decided to install automatic storage systems in two of their largest departments.

  • Svenska Bil i Norden, Sweden - Storage Machines IPN Paternoster & TORNADO lift system - Constructor Storage Solutions

    Svenska Bil i Norden AB, Sweden

    Svenska Bil i Norden invested in a new highly efficient machine storage systems due to demand for faster access to spare parts and reduced space at the new plant.