Hessenhuis, Belgium

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Hessenhuis, Belgium - Kasten Museum Repository

The exhibition space of museum Hessenhuis was attended for the depository storage of large objects of museum MAS.

When designing the museumdepot of museum MAS (which houses the Ethnographic Museum, the National Shipping Museum and the the Folklore Museum), it was quickly obvious that the storage capacity would not be sufficient.

The solution

The Hessenhuis depository is equipped with a variety of Constructor museum systems.

  • The storage of large objects of museum MAS is realized in Constructor’s  Compactus® Double Decker.
  • For safe and clear storage of models of the shipping museum 2-Tier pallet racking is installed. 
  • Sysco® with glass sliding doors is installed for the dust-free storage of a small part of the collection of the ethnographic museum.