References - Storage of Large Objects

  • Museum of Malmö, Sweden

    Museum of Malmö, Sweden

    The Museum of Malmö was founded already 1841 and is located in a large number of locations. Most well-known is the Castle Malmöhus, The House of Technology & Shipping and the House of Commandant.

  • Museum of Valence, France

    Museum of Valence, France

    For the new repository, the museum of Valence required a museum storage solutions that guarantees the protection of the collection against dust, facilitate consulting the objects and allow maintenance as well as a regular follow-up.

  • Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    The Rijksmuseum is one of the world’s top ten museums. It is perhaps best known for its magnificent collection of Old Masters. Since 1885 the collections have been housed is the impressive building designed by architect Pierre Cuypers in the heart of Amsterdam.

  • The Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, The Netherlands

    The Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, The Netherlands

    To make optimum use of the available space in the new repository of the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, the museum storage solutions had to be tailored to the objects and the store rooms.