References - Storage of Paintings

  • Moss Kunstmuseum, Norway

    Moss Kunstmuseum, Norway

    Kunstforeningen moved to new premises and needed efficient and specially adjusted museum storage for their valuable collection. The assigned area was on a basement level, and had to hold everything from storehouse to preparation of both paintings and sculptures. The need for...

  • Municipality Museum The Hague, The Netherlands

    Municipality Museum The Hague, The Netherlands

    The Municipality Museum The Hague required more space for storage of the collection of photos. As in the repository logistic activities took place, it was not possible to use a raised floor.

  • Museum of Helsingborg, Sweden

    Museum of Helsingborg, Sweden

    The Storehouse of Culture is regarded as one of the most exclusive storehouses for storing of museum articles in Europe and was opened in 1996. Within the building of 8000m2 you will find everything which is required to be able to keep, store and storage all the culture...

  • Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    The Rijksmuseum is one of the world’s top ten museums. It is perhaps best known for its magnificent collection of Old Masters. Since 1885 the collections have been housed is the impressive building designed by architect Pierre Cuypers in the heart of Amsterdam.

  • The Ingres Museum, France

    The Ingres Museum, France

    The museum repository of Museum Ingres had to move to a new building. This new museum repository had to be be designed from the start. Important was that the various collection of the museum was stored clear and safe. For each kind of objects a museum storage solution had to b...