References - Storage of Small Objects

  • Tropenmuseum, The Netherlands

    Tropenmuseum, The Netherlands

    The Tropenmuseum is a museum where stories are told from various cultures from all over the world. For more than ten years the Tropenmuseum has been working on a radical modernization. One by one, all departments were renewed as well as the museumdepot.

  • The Museum of Malmö, Sweden

    The Museum of Malmö, Sweden

    The Museum of Malmö was founded already 1841 and is located in a large number of locations. Most well-known is the Castle Malmöhus, The House of Technology & Shipping and the House of Commandant.

  • Museum of Helsingborg, Sweden

    Museum of Helsingborg, Sweden

    The Storehouse of Culture is regarded as one of the most exclusive storehouses for storing of museum articles in Europe and was opened in 1996. Within the building of 8000m2 you will find everything which is required to be able to keep, store and storage all the culture...

  • The Bowes Museum, United Kingdom

    The Bowes Museum, United Kingdom

    The Bowes Museum required a complete re-design of gallery and museum storage space, vomplete with new depository storage equipment.

  • Nordic Museum, Sweden

    Nordic Museum, Sweden

    The Nordic museum in Stockholm is one of the biggest profane buildings of Sweden with a length of 153 m. The height of the tower is 81 m and the adornments have an impressive number of variety.

  • Naturalis, The Netherlands

    Naturalis, The Netherlands

    Naturalis is the National Museum of Natural History. The vast majority of the collection in all, about 10 million objects is systematically archived in the collection towers.

  • Museum Aan de Stroom - MAS, Belgium

    Museum Aan de Stroom - MAS, Belgium

    Antwerp’s town council organized an international architecture competition for the design of a new city museum. Neutelings Riedijk Architects’ 'Stapelhuis’ design was selected by the jury am as the winning concept for MAS | Museum Aan de Stroom.

  • Boijmans van Beuningen, The Netherlands

    Boijmans van Beuningen, The Netherlands

    Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen has completely renovated their entrance area. The entrance provides access to the brand-new print room. The area had to be a uniformity with the adjoining room, transparent, modern, and had to have a clear storage for engravings, drawings and books.