Office Mobile Cabinets

  • SDIS 86 France office movable cabinets reference - Constructor

    SDIS 86, France

    As part of the reorganization of its working space, SDIS wanted to find a solution for storing its files that was simultaneously effective and stylish.

  • Claranet, Germany office movable cabinets reference Constructor

    Claranet, Germany

    The particular challenge for Claranet concerned the creation of more archiving space for the storage of existing files of an Internet Service Provider serving all of Europe, within a rather limited storage area.

  • ABN AMRO The Netherlands Constructor reference

    ABN AMRO, The Netherlands

    ABN Amro moved to their new accommodation. Here the dynamic archive increased to 3.8 extending kilometer. It was necessary that the storage system would be integrated in the office environment. In every way aesthetic was a high standard.

  • Constructor reference - Ministry of Finance

    Ministry of Finance, The Netherlands

    The Ministry of Finance in The Hague was thoroughly renovated. An open layout and accessibility formed the central elements in the plans for the renovated building.

  • Bruynzeel reference design - Celio International, Belgium

    Celio International, Belgium

    Celio is one of the main brands in French prêt-à-porter fashion. The company is founded by Maurice Grosman in 1985 and further developed by his two sons Marc and Laurent Grosman. Celio is constant on the look out for qualitative and original products as well as equipment.

  • Tribunal of Valenciennes France office movable cabinets reference Constructor

    Tribunal of Valenciennes, France

    The tribunal of Valenciennes wished to reorganize two rooms, the archive and a room filled with several cabinets and desks.

  • Siemens Real Estate office mobile cabinets Germany

    Siemens Real Estate, Germany

    In the new office of Siemens Real Estate a concentrated, individual as well as cooperate working had to be integrated in the design of the office.

  • Constructor reference - rabobank netherlands- office storage

    Rabobank IJsseldelta, The Netherlands

    With the refurbishment of the Rabobank IJsseldelta office, a number of requirements needed to be fulfilled. There had to be sufficient storage space to allow client files to be stored in lateral suspension files. Beside sufficient storage space, a comfortable workplace needed ...

  • Kellogg Germany design office storage solution reference Constructor

    Kellogg Germany

    Kellogg wanted to create an attractive office design that would reflect the spirit and values of the company. Furthermore great importance was placed on the ‘feel good’ factor in the new working environment.

  • Ducroire Belgium office storage solution reference Constructor

    Ducroire Belgium

    Ducroire required a complete refurbishing of the working area, fitting in the existing office landscape plan. Important was to increase the storage space.