Rabobank IJsseldelta, The Netherlands

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Rabobank IJsseldelta, The Netherlands

With the refurbishment of the Rabobank IJsseldelta office, a number of requirements needed to be fulfilled. There had to be sufficient storage space to allow client files to be stored in lateral suspension files. Beside sufficient storage space, a comfortable workplace needed to be created.

The solution

In view of the space taken up by the volume of files, a solution was sought that would allow the files to be stored in a compact fashion. Compactus® Office Electro with adjustable LED lighting in the floor provided the solution.

In order to incorporate vibrant colours in the interior, a design has been applied to the glass of the mobile storage system. It reflects the activities of Rabobank in sponsoring the national hockey team. The use of vibrant colours gave the office a contemporary feel that complemented the house style of the Rabobank.