References - Mobile Shelving

  • Mobile Shelving - Kasten Reference:BEKÖ Bil, Sweden

    BEKÖ Bil, Sweden

    Due to new regulations in Sweden all cars are required to have two sets of tyres, summer and winter. As a result Bekö bil invested in a new workshop to satisfy demand for this.

  • Mobile Shelving - Kasten Reference:Electrolux Distriparts, Sweden

    Electrolux Distriparts AB

    Electrolux Distriparts AB of Sweden, is a well established 3P-logistic supplier with many customers i.e. Huskvarna AB. Warehouse space 35.000 m² containing approx 125.000 articles.

  • Mobile Shelving - Kasten Reference: Klinger, Denmark

    Klinger, Denmark

    Utilising a corner of the warehouse, the Hi280 Compactus® mobile shelving system houses spare parts, whilst pallets are stored efficiently on P90 pallet racking.

  • Mobile Shelving - Kasten Reference:Metalpres Donati, Italy

    Metalpres Donati, Italy

    Metalpres Donati stores moulds for the production of aluminium feet and roller systems of design chairs. For these products they needed an efficient storage system.

  • Mobile Shelving - Kasten Reference:Svenska Bil i Norden AB, Sweden

    Svenska Bil i Norden AB, Sweden

    Svenska Bil i Norden invested in a new highly efficient machine storage systems due to demand for faster access to spare parts and reduced space at the new plant.