References: Drive-In

  • Drive-in Racking - Kasten Reference: DKI Logistics A/S, Denmark

    DKI Logistics A/S, Denmark

    DKI Logistics daily distributes more than 40,000 pallets around Denmark. Furthermore, the company offers 3p logistics to their customers.

  • Drive-in Racking - Kasten Reference: Huhtamäki Oy, Finland

    Huhtamäki Oy, Finland

    Huhtamäki is a global packaging company that provides many of the world’s most recognizable consumer packaging and foodservice containers. The Huhtamäki logistics centre in Hämeenlinna is built up of Drive-in pallet racking and pallet flow racking.

  • Drive-in Racking - Kasten Reference: Staples, Germany

    Staples, Germany

    Staples is the world’s largest dealer in office equipment. Since 2008 they have has been supplying their customers in Germany from thier new ultra-modern distribution centre in Waldlaubersheim.