References: Mobile Pallet Racking

  • Octapharma, Sweden

    Octapharma, Sweden

    Octapharma has built new storage premises. Constructor Sweden has acted as a design partner in the project from start to finish and has then delivered the pallet racking for the entire warehouse.

  • HahkaWay, Finland

    HahkaWay, Finland

    HahkaWay Ltd provides a frozen logistics services to its customers. Products are stored on our Mobile Pallet Racking at a constant temperature of -22º C to maintain the condition of the food while it is stored.

  • Linkosuo Ltd, Finland

    Linkosuo Ltd, Finland

    Linkosuo achieved over 65 % more pallet positions after converting to Mobile Pallet Racking from traditional pallet racking.

  • Strømmes Reklame - Mobile Pallet Racking - Constructor

    Strommes Reklame AS, Norway

    When Strømmes Reklame needed more pallet places in their existing building, Mobile pallet racking provided 70% more space.

  • Dexion MOVO in warehouse Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark

    Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark

    Novo Nordisk is world wide manufacturer and producer of medical products. This installation is unique and the first in Denmark to use MOVO Pallet Racking.

  • Mooy Logistics, Netherlands - Mobile Pallet Racking - Constructor Storage

    Mooy Logistic, The Netherlands

    Mooy Logistics B.V, a logistics services provider, specialising in transport and warehousing of fruit, vegetables, flowers and refrigerated products.

  • Moens Verpakkingen, Belgium

    Moens Verpakkingen, Belgium

    Moens Verpakkingen required a solution to store their packaging materials before a new extension works could be started. MOVO provided the ideal solution.

  • Hottlet Frozen Food, Belgium

    Hottlet Frozen Food, Belgium

    Hottlet stores frozen seafood from all over the world. Our mobile pallet racking helped achieve better utilization of the available space and to reduce running costs.

  • Swegon - Pallet Racking, MOVO, Shelving Systems - Constructor Storage

    Swegon, Sweden

    Swegon is a Constructor loyal customer and all storage products are supplied by Constructor. This includes our P90 pallet racking and our HI280 shelving system.

  • Hennig Olsen Is AS - Mobile Pallet racking - Constructor

    Hennig Olsen Is AS, Norway

    Due to the need of additional storage capacity in their ice cream packaging warehouse a mobile racking solution was installed. This increased the number of pallet positions by 70%.

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    EngeriMidt, Denmark

    EnergiMidt is a modern energy and broadband company. Their new 2000m warehouse at EnergiMidt required optimization for storage both in height, width and length.

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    FJ Industries, Denmark

    FJ Industries consists of two divisions - FJ Sintermetal who specialise in the manufacture of powder metal parts in steel and stainless steel. When FJ Industries built a new 620 m2 warehouse and wanted to obtain as many pallet places as possible.