Mooy Logistics, The Netherlands

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Mooy Logistics, The Netherlands

Transporter Mooy equipped her new cold store with P90 mobile pallet racking (MOVO) of Dexion, because the pallets are always accessible and the maximum storage capacity was reached.

Refrigerated transport

Mobile Pallet racking was chosen by Mooy Logistics who specializes in the transport of fruit, vegetables, flowers, plants and other refrigerated products. Over time they have become more than just a transport company, but transport is still the core of their services.

Access to each pallet individually at any time as well as getting the maximum storage capacity in their new storage room, were the main reasons for Mooy Logistics choosing mobile pallet racking. 

Mooy Logistics chose Constructor Group because of their good and reliable relationship along with the expertise of Constructor regarding storage solutions gained over a long period of time.

Not only is a reliable relationship and expertise important, but also the cooperation between Constructor and the customer, leading to the best and most creative solutions. Strong references, the fact that Constructor is also the manufacturer, the quality and engineering of the products plus the material being galvanized , with products delivered ready assembled by Constructor  were the main reasons for Mooy Logistics picking Constructor.