References: Pallet Flow

  • Hansa Print, Finland - Pallet Flow & Push Back - Constructor

    Hansaprint, Finland

    Hansaprint is the largest magazine printing house in Finland, they decided to store their paper in P90 Last in First Out (LIFO) - and First In First Out (FIFO) pallet racking.

  • Huhtamäki Oy, Finland - DeepStore Drive-in pallet racking - Constructor

    Huhtamäki, Finland

    Huhtamäki, a global packaging company, has a logistics centre in Hämeenlinna. We supplied their Drive-in pallet racking and Pallet Flow racking.

  • Pallet racking - Multi-tier systems - Constructor Storage Solution

    Nanso Group, Finland

    In 2007, Nanso Group launched its new logistics centre in Hämeenlinna, Finland. It is the most up-to-date clothing industry logistics facility in the Nordic countries.

  • Pallet flow - Constructor reference: Valsemollen, Denmark

    Valsemollen, Denmark

    Valsemøllen disposes of a new warehouse of 300 square meters. The warehouse has a capacity and functionality which have been carefully matched to the need for storage and picking.