References: Pallet Racking Standard

  • DB Schenker, Finland

    DB Schenker, Finland

    DB Schenker’s logistics center in Finland has Constructor pallet racking with a capacity of almost 30 000 pallet positions

  • Harald Nyborg, Denmark

    Harald Nyborg, Denmark

    Standard pallet racks, combined with shelving, has made it possible to both store bulk palletised goods and to carry out picking from the same pallet location.

  • Pallet Racking Standard - Kasten reference: SeRT UK Plc, UK

    SeRT UK Plc, UK

    Constructor’s ability to provide a totally managed solution, including the installation of pallet racking, during the fitting out of SeRT UK plc’s new warehouse in Swadlincote, Derbyshire has enabled the company’s management to focus on its core business.

  • Pallet Racking - Kasten Reference: Seafield Logistics, Great Britain

    Seafield Logistics, Great Britain

    When Seafield Logistics needed to add a further 50,000sqft facility to its operations in Aylesham, Kent they turned to Constructor to maximize their storage.

  • Pallet Racking - Kasten Reference: Runsven, Sweden

    Runsven, Sweden

    Runsven's warehouse consists of to picking stores and one store for distribution of goods. Total number of pallet locations is 70.000

  • Pallet Racking - Kasten Reference: MultiLine, Denmark

    MultiLine, Denmark

    With a new warehouse of 13,500m², MultiLine has created a warehouse and centralised all activity.

  • Pallet Racking - Kasten Reference:Electrolux Disparts, Sweden

    Electrolux Disparts, Sweden

    Electrolux Distriparts AB of Sweden is a well established third-party logistics supplier with a warehouse space of 35, 000 m².

  • Pallet Racking - Kasten Reference:Danske Fragtmaend, Denmark

    Danske Fragtmaend, Denmark

    Their logistics centre in Denmark is 106,000m2 and provides warehouse and administration services. Four warehouses have been supplied with our galvanised system.

  • Pallet Racking - Kasten Reference: Schenker Logistics AB, Sweden

    Schenker Logistics AB, Sweden

    Total storage space of Schenker Logistics in Sweden is now 170.000 m². A fast growing business concept. Schenker is one of the leading companies worldwide within logistic services.

  • Pallet Racking Standard - Kasten reference: Biltema, Sweden

    Biltema, Sweden

    Biltema is a key Scandinavian supplier of miscellaneous imported goods for the car and marine industry.

  • Pallet Racking Standard - Kasten Reference:Swegon AB, Sweden

    Swegon AB, Sweden

    Swegon is a Constructor loyal customer and all storage products are supplied by Constructor. This includes our P90 pallet racking and our HI280 shelving system.

  • Pallet Racking Standard - Kasten reference: MTU Detroit Diesel, The Netherlands

    MTU Detroit Diesel, The Netherlands

    MTU Detroit Diesel Benelux is responsible for the complete range of Mercedes Benz industrial engines and VM Motor products for the Benelux region.

  • Pallet Racking - Kasten Reference: KG Knutsson AB, Sweden

    KG Knutsson AB, Sweden

    KGK is expanding due to more agencies and new products. KGK rationalised many small warehouses resulting in a new 33,000m² plant at Enköping, Sweden.

  • Pallet Racking - Kasten Reference: Jula Postorder AB, Sweden

    Jula Postorder AB, Sweden

    The latest investment is an expansion of 56000 pallet locations, and they used Constructor pallet racking P90.

  • Pallet Racking Standard - Kasten Reference: Nissan-Schenker Logistics, Sweden

    Nissan-Schenker Logistics, Sweden

    Nissan realised the advantages of outsourcing logistics and storage, so we helped with the transition to Schenker Logistics in Gothenburg.

  • Pallet Racking Standard - Kasten Reference: Parker Hannifin, Oldenzaal

    Parker Hannifin, Oldenzaal

    Parker Hannifin required shelving and pallet racking for hydraulic hose storage by following decision to improve storage and efficiency.

  • ASKO Vest AS, Norway - Pallet flow racking - Constructor

    ASKO Vest AS, Norway

    ASKO moved into a new building which required a customised pallet racking solution to store their frozen, chilled and dry grocery products.

  • Pallet Racking Standard - Kasten Reference:Hansaprint, Finland

    Hansaprint, Finland

    Hansaprint is the largest magazine printing house in Finland, they decided to store their paper in P90 Last in First Out (LIFO) - and First In First Out (FIFO) pallet racking.

  • Pallet Racking - Kasten Reference: Staples, Germany

    Staples, Germany

    Staples is the world’s largest dealer in office equipment. Since 2008 they have has been supplying their customers in Germany from thier new ultra-modern distribution centre in Waldlaubersheim.

  • Pallet Racking Standard - Kasten Reference: Berner Oy Finland

    Berner Oy, Finland

    In 2008 Berner celebrated their 125th year in business. At the same time the company decided to concentrate their storage functions, which were in various locations, to a new central warehouse in Vantaa.

  • Pallet Racking Standard - Kasten Reference: Iittala Group, Finland

    Iittala Group, Finland

    This centre services global distribution of Iittala, who sell a range of cutlery, ceramics and gifts across Europe, Arabia, Japan and the USA.

  • Pallet Racking Standard - Kasten Reference: Maritim AS, Norway

    Maritim AS, Norway

    Maritim are nautical chandlers and as their business grew they needed more space and spoke to us for assistance.

  • Pallet Racking Standard - Kasten Reference: EnergiMidt, Denmark -

    EnergiMidt, Denmark

    EnergiMidt is a modern energy and broadband company. Their new 2000m warehouse at EnergiMidt required optimization for storage both in height, width and length.

  • Pallet Racking - Kasten Reference: Dustin, Sweden

    Dustin, Sweden

    Dustin is a leading supplier of computer goods in Sweden and Denmark. when they needed to fit out a new 20.000 m² logistics center in Rosersberg just outside Stockholm they contacted the Constructor Group.