Berner Oy, Finland - Kasten Pallet Racking Reference

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Berner Oy, Finland - Kasten Pallet Racking Reference

In 2008 Berner celebrated their 125th year in business. At the same time the company decided to concentrate their storage functions, which were in various locations, to a new central warehouse in Vantaa. The heart of the logistics center was to be 20.000 square meters. 

Most of the products are placed in nine meter high Pallet Racking. Employees are picking between 7000 to 8000 order lines per day from the pallet racking, which means that appr. 500 pallets are moved in and out of the warehouse. Berner also purchased six Paternosters and one double Tornado. Each machine is over ten meters high and with a width of almost 5 meters.


There are approximately 40.000 active items needing to be handled in the logistics center. Bigger items and pallets are stored in pallet racks and while smaller items are in storage machines. Items in storage machines are placed in boxes with a max. size of 100 litres.

Berner mainly stores cosmetics in the Paternosters and spare parts in the Tornados. At each automatic machine pair, items for 15 customer batches (batch picking) are picked at the same time. When there are three pairs of machines, it means that 3-6 pickers pick items for 45 customers at once. 4000 to 5000 lines are picked daily from the Paternoster and around 100 from  each of the Tornados. Thanks to these machines, picking errors have decreased by a fifth and the warehouse management has improved.



Double Tornado height: 10,3 meters
Tray width: 4000 mm
Tray depth: 820 mm
Tray qty per Tornado DT: 59 + 53
Load capacity per tray: 300kg / 500kg


6 Paternosters, height: 10,3 meters
Carrier width: 4100 mm
Carrier depth: 520 mm
Carrier qty per Paternoster: 46 + 30 sublevels
Load capacity per carrier: 400kg

Pallet racking:

Height 9,1 m
Pallet places 27500 pcs
Floor + 6 levels
EUR-pallet 800*1200 mm, max. 750 kg
Section load max. 12000 kg