References: Push Back

  • Aritco Lift, Sweden

    Aritco Lift, Sweden

    A special 3-beam solution with an additional beam to support the heavy pallet means that the load is distributed evenly. At the same time back mesh has been mounted on the upper locations in order to prevent that the pallet is pushed inadvertently from the pallet rack.

  • Hansa Print, Finland - Pallet Flow & Push Back - Constructor

    Hansaprint, Finland

    Hansaprint is the largest magazine printing house in Finland, they decided to store their paper in P90 Last in First Out (LIFO) - and First In First Out (FIFO) pallet racking.

  • deepstore,drivein,pallet,racking,warehouse,storage

    Huhtamäki Oy, Hämeenlinna

    Huhtamäki is a global packaging company that provides many of the world’s most recognizable consumer packaging and foodservice containers. The Huhtamäki logistics centre in Hämeenlinna is built up of Drive-in pallet racking and pallet flow racking.