The various shapes and sizes of automotive parts, i.e. fragile windscreens, make automotive storage a special challenge. For that reason we have developed special solutions that make the storage of these parts easy. 

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Workshops and Garages

Workshop and garage storage solutions 

Smart storage solutions and tool storage.

Automotive Dealers and Spare Part retailers

Automotive Spare parts 

Solutions for high volume, small part storage & bulky items.

Automotive Manufacturers

Storage solutions for Automotive Manufacturers 

Storage solutions for a large variety of components.


Our automotive workshop solutions are based on our S90 shelving system and longspan shelving, which make it easy to integrate different parts into a solution that corresponds to your needs. Our shelving solutions can be assembled in countless ways making it easy to change, adjust or expand. For more large scale automotive solutions, such as central warehouses for spare parts and automotive accessories, P90 pallet racking is appropriate.

The shelving solutions can be configured in different ways such as multi-tier versions or placed on mobile bases to optimise your space. Sometimes the right solution could be an automated one, based on a storage machine, or a combination of a machine and shelving. Read more about the product configurations here.


Take advantage of our experience, knowledge and flexible products and together we can create a solution that fully supports your business!

  • Complete range of specialised automotive accessories for perfect business support
  • Fully compatible with standard system for excellent flexibility and scalability
  • Customer oriented approach with experienced organization for best solution for your needs


Small parts

The automotive industry has a large variety of boxes and small parts that needs to be handled and stored in an efficient way. The shelving system is designed in such a way which gives you countless options and possibilities and our storage machines provides powerful storage efficiency for small parts. Constructor provides a complete range of plastic bins fully compatible with the S90 shelving system and our storage machines.

  • Shelf adaptability with bins and different forms of shelf dividers
  • Integrated drawer solutions with many accessories
  • Flexible and efficient machine storage with bins, dividers and picking aid accessories

Configuration options:



Bulky items

Several car parts are bulky and oddly shaped and really not made for conventional storage. For these reasons special solutions are needed. With the automotive accessories for the shelving system storing exhaust pipes, windscreens and car body parts is easy.

Or why not use a storage machine? The flexible trays in our machines make them ideal for storing all these oddly shaped parts. Depending of your specific requirements Constructor will provide you with a solution that is space efficient, secure and easy to handle.

  • Efficient storage of exhaust pipes
  • Secure and easy to handle solutions for car glass and windscreens
  • Bulky and impact sensitive parts for the car body, like hoods, doors and car wings

Configuration options:


Today service and repairs of cars and other vehicles require a wide variety of unique tools, in different sizes and often oddly shaped and expensive. By installing a Constructor storage machine, your method of handling tools could be improved. Providing a solution where tools can be stored in one central and easily accessed place, in an organized manner, while also improving security and availability through the transparency of an items location. More regular tools are stored easily in the S90 shelving system.

  • Excellent tool storage and handling in storage machines
  • Integrated shelf drawers and tool panels

Configuration options:

Heavy items

Heavy components need a good solution to be safely stored as well as easily managed. :

  • Grating shelves to store products with high point loads, like car batteries

Configuration options:

Tyres and rims

Storage of tyres is about obtaining the maximum amount of tyre storage in the available space without affecting the quality of the tyre. Constructor provides a complete range of tyre storage solutions with focus on space efficiency, quality and good ergonomics.

Read more about Tyre Storage Solutions here.

Flammable products

The automotive industry has a lot of fluids and other flammable products. In many cases this requires special storage solutions for increased safety. Together with the customer we find solutions to store your products.

  • Sprinkler rack integration
  • Open shelves to comply with insurance regulations

Configuration options:

Valuable & sensitive parts

Sometimes you need to store products that are sensitive or especially valuable, like marketing material, tools or some electronic components. By placing the products in a S90 cabinet you will increase security, but also avoid dust and dirt. For even greater security and monitoring you could use a storage machine. If your products are sensitive for electrostatic discharge there is a complete range of plastic bins that eliminates the upcoming of such discharges.

  • Broad range of antitheft and anti-dust solutions
  • ESD protection solutions for sensitive parts

Configuration options:

Picking solutions

In situations where you need to improve your picking processes, wheatear it is to improve ergonomics, get more picking locations or to support FIFO picking, Constructor provides the solutions.

  • Pull-out units for improved space utilization and ergonomics
  • Carton-flow racks to support FIFO picking

Configuration options:

Long goods

Car parts like mouldings, pipes and plate springs could be classed as long goods. For these parts you need special solutions for efficient storage. Some parts are best stored vertically providing easy access and good overview, whereas others need to be stored horizontally, not to affect or bend the part.

Configuration options:

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  • Product configurations

    Product configurations

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    Automotive References

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