Vertical Tyre Storage


Vertical Tyre Storage

S90 Shelving

The S90 shelving system is ideal for smaller warehouses with manual handling. The basis of the system is painted uprights and tyre shelves made from highgrade pre-galvanized steel. These can be assembled in many different ways.

  • Easy manual handling
  • Versatile
  • Efficient already in small scale installations

Tyres stored vertically provide a higher storage density and free up floor space. The tyre racks – with spans of up to 2 metres – can be very effective in small spaces.

Longspan Shelving

With longer shelf spans and fewer uprights and the possibility to have a double deep tyre storage,  the long span system, can store more tyres in the same space, thereby increasing the storage density.

Due to the solid and stable design you can store standalone tyres as well as tyres with rims. If you have a building with sufficient height, the long span shelving can be configured into a double or a multitier installation, drastically increasing the available tyre storage space. The Constructor long span system is easy to install, adapt and to expand with your changing requirements.

  • Increased storage density
  • Robust
  • Multitier possibility 

With a wide range of beam types and sizes, we can provide you with a solution that maximizes the utilisation of your space.

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