Holger Christiansen A/S, Denmark

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Holger Christiansen A/S, Denmark

In 2004 Holger Christiansen made a strategic decision and built a warehouse centrally placed in the company. This warehouse is specifically designed for the Double Tornado machines.

Since 2004 Holger Christiansen has invested in Double Tornados from Constructor. In 2004 the first 6 machines were installed, and in 2007 the next 3 machines were ready for operation.


The warehouse of 400 m2 houses 9 Double Tornados. There is space for another 3 Double Tornados. The 9 machines contain what equals 6750 m2 conventional picking storage. The machines have liberated 300 pallet places.

In average an operator carries out 120 pick per hour. At certain order types the operator can obtain 170-190 pick per hour. Manual picking can reach a maximum of 30-40 picks per hour. This means that the Double Tornado machines perform 3 or 4 times the same. Other benefits are better ergonomics with less walking distances, error picking is down to 0,2%.


Height of Double Tornado: 15 meter
Tray width: 2500 mm
Tray depth: 820 mm
No. of trays per Double Tornado: 460
Load capacity per tray: 300 kg