Klinger, Denmark

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Klinger, Denmark

When Klinger moved to new premises they used the occasion to space optimize the storage and handling of spare parts.

In a corner of the warehouse the mobile shelving system HI280 Compactus® houses all the spare parts. P90 Pallet racking is used for storage of pallets.


The installation consists of 6 mobile and 1 stationary base. These bases run on rails incorporated in a false floor. HI280 small items racking have been mounted on these bases. All spare parts are stored in plastic boxes of different sizes. The plastic boxes are placed on HI280 shelves in the system. By means of the ergonomic handle you can move only one or all 6 mobile bases simultaneously, and thereby open the aisle containing the part/parts you require.


Height of installation: 2,3 meter
Depth of installation: 6,2 meter
Width: 6,1 meter including aisle