MultiLine A/S, Sorø

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MultiLine A/S, Sorø

With the new warehouse of 13,500 square meters MultiLine has created a central warehouse and gathered all activities. At the same time new administration premises have been taken into use.

The warehouse has an interior free height of 14,8 meters and the pallet racks from Constructor reach a height of 11,5 meters.


Constructor Denmark has delivered a total of 18,430 pallet places. Each pallet place has a load capacity of 1000 kg. The installation allows storage of pallets with different heights: from 1400 mm to 2500 mm. The uprights are particularly heavy and 11,500 mm high. The height to first supporting level is 2630 mm which required the use of particularly heavy box beams on lowest supporting level. The upper supporting level is placed in the height of 11,230 mm.

The racks contain 5/6 supporting levels. The installation is handled with a reachtruck with a tower height of 5,3 meters.


Height of installation: 11,5 meter
No. of pallet places: 18.430
Load capacity/pallet place: 1000 kg