Kodin Terra, Finland

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Kodin Terra, Finland

Kodin Terra is the S-Group’s housing department store, which focuses on home furnishing, renovation, construction and garden. The majority of shop fittings are Constructor Finland provided pallet racking and Optim shop fittings. The shop’s concept is focusing the easiness of business.

Our basic solutions of pallet racking and Optim shop fittings have proven to be effective and the displays support the business idea. Pallet racking and Optim shop fittings are well suited to the various article group, they are safe and versatility adaptable.


In accordance with customer’s basis concept the technical solutions of different article categories were designed and visualized by Constructor. Many solutions were tailored for each need, for example tailor-made board support for 4 m high table tops.

The department of tile and laminate flooring and presentation is built in pallet racking and it is large and visible. Delivery lots of many products are so big that all products do not fit in the hooks at once. Since the dimensioning of Optim shop fittings is based on the use of shop pallets can pallets be stored safely above the displayed products.

Among other things point load caused by the racking and required floor loading capacity were consulted during the building stage. The finishing of racking and shelving is done in accordance with the store concept colors: light gray, yellow, green and zinc coated.


OPTIM shop fittings:

- height 3 000 and 4 000 mm
- appr. 300 sections of 1750 mm

P90 pallet racking:

- height 5000 and 5500 mm
- pallet loads up to 1500 kg

Timber locker:

- height 3500 mm
- length 30 metres
- 40 lockers

Heavy Cantilever racking:

- height 5 000 mm
- arms 1200 mm and load capacity 1380 kg
- length up to 22 meters with c/c 1500