Oy Hartwall Ab, Lahti, Finland

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Oy Hartwall Ab, Lahti, Finland

High bay racking is the heart of Hartwall's highly automated ASRS-warehouse in Lahti. Hartwall manufactures all types of beverages, from waters and soft drinks to beers and ciders.

Hartwall operates a highly automated, flexible and cost-effective plant designed for optimal beverage quality and environmental soundness. Internal logistics and order picking are highly automated.


Brewery pallets are stored nearly 30 high in High Bay racking and are moved using a system of automated stacker cranes and DSP-conveyors. The computer controlled logistics automation software runs the system. The capacity factor of the racking is very high and efficient.

The carton flow racking operates at the picking area in the trading warehouse of alcohol drinks where the picking for the customer deliveries takes place. The beds are filled with roller tracks so handling of cartons of different sizes is flexible.

The storage of the semi-finished products, such as the tops of bottles, are stored on special plastic pallets in First-in-First-out racking (FiFo-racking) alongside the manufacturing process.

Hartwall features the largest automated warehouse of its kind in Finland for reasons of economy and efficiency.


High Bay Racking:

  • Height 28,4 m
  • Pallet places 35984 pcs
  • Stacker cranes aisles 16 pcs
  • Levels of beams 13 pcs
  • Bewery pallets 900*1200 mm
  • Max load 1100 kg/pallets
  • Section load 28,6 tons

FiFo-racking for special plastic pallets:

  • 288 pallet places
  • Height 5m, 4 pallets/line, 4 levels
  • Dynamic Storage for carton boxes
  • 80 beds