Parker Hannifin, Holland

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Parker Hannifin, Holland

Shelving and pallet racking was required for hydraulic hose storage and associated products as used by Parker Hannifin, when they made a number of  changes to improve storage and efficiency within various warehouses around their business.

Parker Hannifin has used Constructor shelving since 1987 and are very pleased with us because of our ability to think with alongside our customer aiding smooth cooperation, managing the entire process from beginning to end.

The project was divided into three phases. The first and second phase were combined and took place in July 2010. During these phases, the racks were shortened and installed. The flooring was also laid. The shelving and flooring were assembled by Constructor, whereas the pallet racks were assembled by Parker Hannifin themselves.


The completion of Phase 3 was planned in the second half of 2010. During this phase, the railing and the stairs were installed.

This project unusual because of the amount of reused, old Constructor materials. The shelving was constructed reusing a combination of older Hi170 and new Hi280 shelving.

The reused materials, in combination with new materials, gave an optimal configuration for the best end result. Moreover, the ability to reuse materials made this project very cost-effective.



  • Mezzanine floor appr. 50 m2.
  • Carrying capacity: 350 kg/m2


  • 20 sections of 2.100 x 1.000 x 400 mm (h x l x d) with 7 shelves
  • 10 sections of 2.100 x 1.000 x 400 mm (h x l x d) with 7 shelves


  • 2 sections of 1.037 x 4.000 x 6.500 mm (h x l x d) with 5 levels