Electrolux Distriparts, Sweden

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Electrolux Distriparts, Sweden

Hi-280 shelving plus a mobile shelving system provided Electrolux Distriparts AB who are located in one of the “hottest” logistic areas of Sweden, Jönköping with a modern picking facility.

The company is a well established 3P-logistic supplier with many customers i.e. Huskvarna AB. Warehouse space 35.000 m² containing approx 125.000 articles.

Distriparts expand their businesses and had a requirement to increase efficiency (speed of delivery) at their existing plant which was served by a crane installation. Difficulties getting spare parts for their existing cranes were also a major problem.


An indepth analysis based on the key factors – picking speed, warehouse capacity/m², staff - resulted in a traditional tough modernized solution based on a traditional shelving system over two levels (multi tier) divided by a mezzanine floor was decided upon. Hi280 Shelving in combination with modern mobile shelving provided the answer to this problem. Picking is conducted by staff, using newly developed trolley mopeds. The investment has resulted in faster picking, reduced number of employees and increased flexibility at the warehouse.


  • Shelving system HI280, 15.000 shelves in depths from 300-800 mm.
  • 24No. Compactus® mobiles  units
  • Pallet racking P90, various heights and load bearing capacity. 35.000 pallet locations.
  • Mezzanine floor,  600 m², capacity 500 kg/m²
  • Number of boxes stored in shelving system: 43.920.