Jula postorder AB, Sweden

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Jula postorder AB, Sweden

Jula is one of the fastest growing companies in the DIY business in Sweden, with direct sales from their own distribution centers and mail order division. Jula has a central warehouse at Skara, and is now established all over Scandinavia.

Due to their fast expansion Jula has a continuously increasing need for Warehouse space. New products and new distribution centers demanding efficient storage, handling and fast and precise shipments.

The latest investment is an expansion of 56000 pallet locations, and they used Dexion/Constructor pallet racking P90 which was installed in 2011.


Jula first invested in land on the outskirts of the city of Skara guarantee an ideal location for expansion. The original warehouse had a space of 32000 m² and the expansion was realised in steps by addin on individual buildings of 10000m².

The main storage system consists of P90 pallet racking planned around their goods frequency and taking into consideration the size of products and packaging. Smaller articles are stored in the Hi280 shelving system with wide shelves of dimension 1290x800.


Pallet Racking:

  • P90. 37000 + 56000 pallet locations.
  • Height of racks 9 m.

Hi280 Shelving System:

Used in a variety of different applications and dimensions.

  • Height 2500 mm.
  • Width 400-800 mm.
  • Length 1000 & 1290 mm.