Svenska Bil i Norden AB, Sweden

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Svenska Bil i Norden AB, Sweden

Svenska Bil I Norden AB is the general agent of domestic and imported cars with brands like SAAB, Nissan, Opel, KIA, Chevrolet, Cadillac and Mitsubishi. With new models every year there is a continuously demand for increased efficiency of storage systems.

The company recently moved to a new sales and service center in Stockholm and invested in new highly efficient machine storage systems due to demand for faster access of spare parts and due to reduced space at the new plant.


The solution was to replace the old manual picking shelving systems with two Paternoster and one Tornado machines. This solution resulted in a saving of 450m² (before 600m² new 150m²) plus reduction of warehouse employees with 5 persons (from 9 to 5). In addition a new warehouse was built for 4000 tires. Solution: compact storage 18 mobiles with 3-5 levels.


One Tornado Machine, height 4500mm, 21 pallets 4000x820 mm

Two Paternoster machines, IPN, height 4500mm, 90 shelves

Compact store for tires: Capacity 4000 tires, 18 mobiles, where of 13 double racks. Length: 6220mm, Height 2500mm. 188 sections.